November 19, 2007


I don't know why, but lately.. I've grown tired of blogging. So many things happened, so many stories to tell, so many photos to show.. yet, the writing mood is not there. The moment I logged into the Net, I don't feel like writing anything on my blog to post at all. In fact, instead of logging into my Blog, I went to eBay and to shop!

Maybe I just need a break from blogging. Do something else. Learn something new. Then maybe, I'll get into the blogging mood once again. :-)


  1. Yup, take a break. Do something else. Shop, eat and stay away from the PC and you'll be back fresher and with lots more stories to tell us ...

    ok, the eating part maybe you should skip, seeing as how you're on a diet and all ... LOL!

  2. hahahaa.. I agree with Nick. But a cupcake or two wouldn't hurt! ;-)

    I think we are all in great need for a vacation.. *sigh*

  3. Now that you've mentioned cupcake.. I think I'm gonna buy me some tomorrow! LOL!