February 20, 2008

Room For Rent

The couples who wanted to rent the empty bedroom came to have a look at it today. Gawd, they came as early as 7:58AM! (I was still sleeping by then. I'm not usually awake by 7AM. heehee) Well .. the guy seemed like a nice person. From the info I gathered, he works at night shift and only comes back home by 7AM. He's the chief security at a posh new township. Not sure about his girlfriend. She doesn't talk much during the visit - she was in the room most of the time, looking. She looks like a Kadazan tho. Fair skinned, doesn't look like Chinese. Err.. she could probably be a Sarawakian or a Pinay too.

He said he'll call back tonight to confirm about the room. I hope they'll take it. Would be nice to have more people in the house. :-P

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