December 21, 2011

A summary of what's going on

Geez, when it comes to blog posting.. I for one, am a very lazy person. LOL

I didn't do it on purpose tho. I might be lazy, but I do have reasons WHY. But let's not dwell on the WHYs. Here's a summary of what I've been doing. Well, sort of. (like anyone would care to read, anyway..)

* Bunny got a job offer and was transferred. To Sabah.

* We moved to Sabah and got busy setting up our office and new home.

* I started doing Yoga and Jillian Michael's 30-Days Shred. I am on Day-2

* We got a puppy!! my life got even busier with all the new walls to be painted and a new puppy to feed and play with. Life is gonna be so much better now! (except for the few bite marks on my legs and arms by that lil monster!) :P


  1. so happy to know u guys finally moving back here for good cin.

    sinang suda mau pigi kupi2 now :)

  2. ya bah, finally i'm a 'sabahan' again. :P

    ya, let's go kupi-kupi someday! jaya was just asking me not too long ago if i still have any friends in kk that we could kacau and call keluar minum sana salim, lintas. bosan bah duduk rumah ni all the time. maklumlah, we both work from home.. lol