November 22, 2013


long time no post. i am still alive, by the way. :P seriously, i have been so busy lately that i only get a few hours of sleep.. and my panda eyes are getting more obvious everyday. thank goodness i studied professional makeup while i was back in KL that i am able to hide those flaws whenever i go out (but that too, will depend on how rajin i am. most of the time, it's just the moisturizer and face powder) ha ha

so er. i think that's all i can post today. i just got back from lunch + high tea with Bunny's nephew (consider my nephew also lah that, kan??) not too long ago and i am so damn full. i think i could afford a quick nap now before i work on my small projects.

in the meantime, ya'll be nice ya hear me?

i leave you with a design i made last week. lol


  1. I'm good in hiding flaws and panda eyes, giant size sunglasses hahahahaha

    1. Ha ha ha.. ya betul! That's the QUICKEST way! :D

  2. Me tooooooo... just started to blog again today. HNY to you, hope your biz will be more prosperous :)