February 14, 2014

has it been that long?

ack, it's valentine's day again. the day that i er.. not exactly 'dread' the most, just that, i don't really fancy the idea of having a 'specific' day to celebrate love. L-O-V-E should be celebrated EVERYDAY! and besides, did you know that st. valentine was beheaded for trying to convert the emperor?

so.. yeah.

happy valentine's day.

and since i've been 'missing' for over a month, here's me posting another of my quite recent work:

if you're into party deco and stuff like that, why not hire me? i can make your guest say WAHHHHHH when they look at your decos. hehehehe

truth is, when you hire me, you're helping me put foods on the table and in my dog's mouth. *hee*

alright, see ya'll again soon!

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