January 26, 2008


I took some time to look at myself in the mirror today.

WAH! I didn't like what I see at all!! I looked so tired. So dull. So dead. -_- Man, it was scary.. I tell you!! And then what did I do? I quickly grabbed my Estee Lauder whitening mask, hoping that it would do miracle for me. Hehehehe..

The end result?

I'm not sure. I haven't wash the mask off. Hahahaha! But I seriously think I need to go for facial lah. Can anyone recommend me where to go here in KL? Else.. I think I gotta search for it at malaysianbabes forum. LOL!


  1. :) hye Jane
    dont stress to much , keep urselves happy and u'll look amazing!

  2. i think too much time in front of my laptop gave a toll on my skin. dull and tired! just like u said. i'm currently trying the nivea oxygen boost. i think i'm attracted to the whole logic thing that oxygen gives life.. hmm.. don't know la. will see..

    good luck on the facial hunt!

  3. sorry sweetie,:) i can't help with this.emm maybe you can try to avocado to apply on your face.It works on me!

  4. hannan: I'll try not to stress myself too much! Thanks for dropping by, hanna. :-D

    dazeree joan: Yeah.. I think that's one of the cause of my dull skin too. Oh, I thought you're talking about this product that I saw. O2 that claims to contain oxygen inside too. Maybe I should try this Oxygen product stuff too! :-P

    sweetiepie: Avocadoes! Oh, I'm afraid that I might end up eating them while I stuff that on my face - because I love avocadoes! But I think I should give it a shot, eh? Sounds yummy for the skin too. Thanks for the advice! :-)

  5. Hi Jane, just dropping by and ugh. I know what you mean! My skin looks dull and lifeless too. Is E. Lauder any good? I used to get my facials done in Yves Rocher when I was back in KL. It's pretty good and even that weird flute music thingy that almost all the facials places plays didn't bother me too much. Hehe