January 30, 2008


I know most of you don't really read all my blogs (ie. Foreign Beauty or Once Upon A Time) because I know, I know.. I have a little too many blogs. :-P In fact, I have more than 3 blogs altogether but I'd rather not leave the links to all of my blogs: because some of my blogs were written under anonymous name and I'd like to keep it that way. (You never know who's reading your blog, so having a secret blog is another way to express all the feelings you have without worrying that it might hurt someone's feelings.)

But hey, have you visited Foreign Beauty lately? I have a new look for it today! Yay!! Finally done with the "renovation" on my blog and now I'm free to accept custom made order. *wink* I can only accept 2 or 3 orders per month tho else I'd go crazy. LOL!

Anyway, like I said in my other blog, my new sock makes me happy! *giggle*

Pardon the fat legs.. but could you just focus on the socks, please? :-P

OK, I'm done showing off my new sock. Back to American Idol. ^_^


  1. cindy..
    kaki yg cantik bak bunting padi :p

    nice socks beli mana?sox world ke?

  2. this is cool!i didn't know you have somany blogs.I am going to check it out now.:)

  3. okinokiyo - The shop's called "Sawks". lol.

    sweetiepie - *teehee* See you there! *wink*