September 12, 2013

how to give that bump look on your hair

a few weeks ago, i typed "how to bump your hair" on youtube.. and a few videos popped up. i picked one with a beautiful girl with shoulder-length hair, about the length of mine. halfway through the video, i got bored and was about to click on another video when she mentioned "armpits".

like, what? armpits?

i replayed the part where she said "armpits".. and it turned out to be "bumpits"!

the girl on the video used a bumpits to give that bump look on her hair - and it was SO EASY! like eating ais kacang! actually, eating ais kacang lagi susah. you would have to chew those kacangs. sometimes they got stuck in between your teeth and you got so annoyed, you wanna just korek your gigi right in front of everyone so you can continue eating the ais kacang.

anyway, to make story short... i went ahead and bought the bumpits online. and because i'm nice, i'm gonna show some pictures for those of you who has never heard of bumpits. ;D

this is the bumpits box. i just got it in the mail today. yay!

there's an instruction paper inside. pink and black color combination. saya suka!

and the main items inside........

tadaaa!! the bumpits!!! :D

small little pieces that you can use on your hair to give it a little groove, especially if you're into classic looks. macam that movie, 'breakfast at tiffanys'. heeeee

now you must be wondering how it looks like on the head, right? yes? no? oh whatever. i'm showing nevertheless!

(ada muka macam cikgu ka? he he)

what do you think? nice kan the bump? you no longer need to tease your hair and use cans of hair spray to achieve that bump look. just use a bumpits and your bad hair day problem's solved! you're welcome.

you can get the bumpits online. i think you can get them from the lowyatt forum as well - they're pretty cheap, tho i'm not sure about the authenticity of the product. but hey, yang penting can bump! another way is to get them off their website or ebay.

until my next post, this is me signing off with a bump on my head. :P

PS: this is NOT an advertorial post, tho it would be great to get PAID for saying nice things about this product. ahahahah!


  1. I bought these before at Cindy's...yg kedai jual hair accessories tu...but i dont like it...i duno la maybe because my hair nipis, i couldnt get the thing right under the hair...the bump doesnt look that nice (to my eyes) jadi barang antik suda hehehe

    1. i actually saw them at daiso last weekend. well, not exactly the same la but it functions the same. i bought one and tried it. turns out i like it pulak. hehehehe

  2. Armpits? Hahaha! Bumpits? Weird name. Huhu.

    You look like cikgu garang. And the bumpits look like a smiling girl.

    1. Ya bah, it sounds so weird saying "bumpits". lol

      I know. I'm pretty bad with children. Not in a bad "bad" way, just that I'm not good with children. Hence why I'm not a teacher now. :(

  3. Nice! You rock the bumpit. Teda muka cikgu, muka principal ada.. pengetua the boss lol

    1. LOL!

      and speaking of.. where have you been???? aiyooooo.. you been missing again!

    2. sibuk bah.. last two saturdays, I went to Pocoyo's school, ada programs and I couldn't skip :(

    3. ahhhhh no wonder la. bah, hurry up and come back! miss you already! :D

  4. ha ha i bought similar last time but ha ha I dont know how to use it.. ha ha..

  5. ohhh so this is the secret behind that bumpy hair. nice. hehe. im gonna grab one soon ;)