December 19, 2007


I wanna cry. God, I wanna cry. I've been so emotional since a few days ago. While other people would be jumping in joy to go back to their families on Christmas.. I am having mixed feelings about it. Oh don't get me wrong. I am HAPPY to meet my parents. I am HAPPY that I could finally meet them after almost 2 years of not being back home. But the only thing that's taking me back is the thought of leaving what I have back here in KL.

My bedroom. My close friend. My shopping trip. My new life.

It's not easy adapting to new places, new bedroom, new life.. you know. And I have this tendency of getting too attached to something, like the bedroom for instance. Once I've grown attached to it, it's really hard for me to let go. You must be thinking that I'm crazy for having this kind of thought, yes? But that's the truth.

And since nobody reads this blog (ok, maybe just a few readers) I'm comfortable to say what I really feel inside: I am lonely. Going back home means I have my parents and my siblings.. and my church friends around me. But I do not have REAL friends to celebrate Christmas with. In fact, I do not have any close friend that I could go out with on Christmas day, let's not even mention New Year.. As a child, we move around quite a lot of times. Moving from one school to another. And I am not the kind of person who makes friends easily, because I am very picky when it comes to making friends. Besides... it's not that easy to find someone who can really understand you, go along with your temper and your unpredictable mood swings. I know. I admit that. I have a terrible temper sometimes. Even my parents knew about it.

Shit. I need to stop typing. The more I talk, the more emo I get. Maybe I should just get married and have someone to come home to.


Am I even ready to start a new family? Am I ready to share my life with a man? Can I decorate our house according to my taste and have as many plants and pets as I want? (I know, I could be very greedy sometimes..) Can my "husband" accept the fact that I do not cook as often as other wives would? Can he accept that I do not want to do all the house chores alone? God.. I can't even bear the thought of washing all the clothes everyday!


Okayyy.. I think I'm going crazy already. I should just watch some tv serie and wait till it's time to go to the airport. I might even delete this entry later. I don't know. And since this blog was setup for my future children and grand children to read, I'd like to tell them something.

"I am a very confused person. Please do not grow up to be one like me. And oh, I was the Bintang Kaamatan in Kunak once. Your mother/grandmother can sing!"



  1. C'mmon cheer up Jane you are special, dearest to many.

  2. Everyone has temper and mood swing.That's ok!if you really find a true friendship.I know how you feel.Just like what I am now.:(
    Don't worry..try your very best to be with your family and have fun with them during christmas day.Cheer up and wish your dream come true ya!:)

  3. merry christmas and have a wonderful new year :)

  4. If someone loves you, they'd do the laundry for you. Fret not... you'll be fine :D

    I think you're just having jitters of having to start anew. Don't worry, things will fall into place.

    Oh... you have a friend in me! :D (((Hugs)))

    Fuyoo! Bintang Kaamatan Kunak? Suara mesti merdu ni :)