December 14, 2007

I'm making a list and checking it twice.. and i suck

Just a few days more before I take that flight back home, yet here I am, still not done with my Christmas shopping! Panic mode is beginning to slip in. Damnit it's Friday already. If I don't shop today, I'll get stuck in between people's armpit tomorrow at the shopping mall. Weekends are definitely NOT a good idea to shop on holiday season like this here in KL.

By hook or by crook, I have to buy my new clothes and shoes TODAY. But damn.. I'm having my period and the fact that it's the first day (not forgetting the PAIN) and my mood is getting rotten by the hour is not helping at all.

Damnit! Sometimes I hate being a woman. MEN SHOULD GET PERIOD INSTEAD!


  1. LOL agree with you. sometimes me myself really wish that man can feel the pain as well. Btw when is ur actual flight back to KK? surely u r counting days already kan. Jangan panic, slow and stedy even if u have to fight with ppl in the shopping complex over a gift to buy just ignore them and do ur own stuff.

    Good luck and hopefully you manage to tick everything in your list.

  2. Relax jane,Hope everything solve today!..widh you have a nice weekend:)