December 16, 2007

Flat ass for christmas

Ahh.. finally done with my Christmas shopping. Gifts for my family, gifts for myself, new dress for me, new shoes for me, new haircolor for me.. and new boyfriend for me. KIDDING!!

I also managed to complete ALL my paid posting assignments. Ass also pain oledi from sitting too long. I have to finish it up before going back to Sabah this Wednesday, because I doubt I'll have time to blog over there. It will heavily depend on what we'll do back home. Probably food, food and more food. Die lah! I'm gonna grow even fatter!

Anyway, my brain is juiceless now. Squeezed dry. Cannot think anymore lah. I think I'll stop blogging for a while and spend some time on my KL bed. I'm gonna miss it terribly! (even right now, the thought of leaving it makes me wanna cry. *sob*)

1 comment:

  1. It isn't even Christmas yet and I've already put on weight, what more on Christmas day lagi ... LOL!