October 26, 2008

it's a heartache

My cousin adopted a baby boy recently, but the baby's father came to take him back 3 days later. I won't go into the details but what I can say is: My cousin's really sad and devastated right now. I hope she'll be alright. At least she still have her husband beside her to give all the mental support she needs - probably have a baby of their own soon too. :P

Well, this got me into thinking about myself: Will I have kids of my own someday? Should I commit myself to a man in marriage, despite the increasing divorce rate that's happening all around us? Would it be better if I adopt a child instead and remain single (unmarried) for the rest of my life?

Perhaps life is not all about getting married to someone. People won't die without a spouse, despite the famous quotes that lovers used to say: "I can't live without you." Well, maybe you could die of loneliness - but that's probably because you starved yourself to death. But die from being single?? I don't think I've heard of that one.

Anyway, why am I even writing all these??? I should get to bed.


  1. Hi. it's me again. Well, it has been told that women are suppose to marry and give birth to kids. That's the old way of thinking. Women, being sophisticated now, are independent and are no longer abide to this "natural" law. Commitment is indeed very important towards happiness in a marriage, couples often find themselves devoted to each other and eventually devote themselves to the child they have given birth to. The feeling of a giving birth to a baby is simply Undescribeable, as being told in books and mothers. People around me, family members, friends, are afraid of marriage, a broken marriage. However, if one is willing to sacrifice, i strongly believe the true purpose of marriage will preservere & i believe you will remain unscathed from these malicious events :)

  2. Hi Ethel, the right person has not arrived into your life yet...and he will when you least expect it.
    Then you'll be see two moons, ha ha...

    When I was a bachelor, I too thought I will not get married, have fun...till one fine day SHE arrived, and game over, ha ha.
    But go have fun, enjoy your life now...you're still young.
    You have a great week, Lee.