October 23, 2008

morning has broken..

I woke up in the morning high spirited. Despite having a not-so-interesting dream, I was determined to have a nice day. But everything turned sour when *someone* makes a lot of noise at home... Seriously, I hate being nagged at, moreover having to listen to someone grumble, complain, screaming at/about ridiculous thing. I know, things aren't going really well and I understand the anger and frustration, but having to go through this everyday? I think it's driving me and everyone crazy... :(

Anyway, I changed the layout on my other blog lastnight. Here's how the new theme looked like:

How do you like my new theme? :P

Please note that the blog is best viewed with Firefox.. it looks slightly strange in IE. (as you might have noticed in the screenshot above) So start using Firefox, everyone! :D


  1. Hi Ethel, thats a nice new blog page.
    It's 10pm here now, you 10am Thursday...I'll be posting my new blog posting in about 15 minutes, if no hiccups.
    Hope to see you.
    Best regards, and stay cool, Lee.

  2. Hi Ethel,

    Lurve it... Real nice...

  3. u.lee - Thanks for the dedication, uncle Lee. That was very sweet of you.. Am very honored and touched. :)

    izanazuani - Heya! Thanks for dropping by, sweetie. Glad you like the new look. :D

  4. Hi Ethel... Thank you for visiting...

  5. Hey. nice blog :D cute page as well.

  6. Thanks, zhi sheng & choc mint girl. :D