October 21, 2008

was about to say something...

..but I think I'm too beat up to write a post. Just got back from doing the rosary at a new friend's home. The road to their house was quite bumpy too. It might be one of the reason why I'm as exhausted as I am right now.

So I guess I'm gonna hit the sack for now. Will prolly share something over here tomorrow.


  1. Hi Ethel, you doing a Rosary? You mean stringing the beads?
    By the way, I mentioned to you re ahemmm, something red? I have not forgotten, ha ha....
    infact found something better, specially for you...and want to put it up when I come up with a an interesting post....
    also I will select some very special songs specially for you too.

    Till then, you stay beautiful and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

  2. Hi u.Lee,

    Oops. What I meant was I did rosary prayers at a new friend's house. Hehehe. :P

  3. Hi Ethel, thank you for reading the story...
    Ohhh, you doing a Rosary prayer? Good for you, Ethel.

    By the way...would it be alright, would you mind if I copy your lovely profile pic next day when I ahemmm, dedicate a posting to you and have it in my main page?
    I will make your dedication something special, ha ha.
    Have a nice day Ethel, Lee.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Dear U Lee

    But that picture's ugly! It might drop the rate of your blog readers.. Haha!

  6. Hello Ethel, it is a lovely pic....love the long hair too....but I have to test it first as its small, ha ha. If doesn't show well then have to miss it.
    Will let you know. You sure one very attractive girl though, ha ha. Lee.

  7. Hi Ethel, I am now constructing my next posting, will post later...your morning...will info you first before posting.
    Dedicating specially to you.
    Most probably after 9am your time. Lee.