October 18, 2008

waaaa... tirednya :(

Just got back from my dad's kebun kelapa sawit. Uiyo my gawd, very the tired oh today. I thought abg Freddy (my cousin) said if I take those Herbalife shake, I'll feel extra energized? Hmm..

Anyway, I managed to stop by Facebook for some treat or treatin'. Ehehehe.. Managed to reach 100 points also la. Yay ~ I finally got that Windup Ya-Wobbly on my 3rd day. Weeeee!!

OK, gotta go take some nap now else I'd be yawning all the way through sunset mass. It's 3:37PM now. A few hours more... (sunset mass is at 6:00PM at St. Peter's Church, Kudat). That means I have like an hour of nap only. ><

Oh before I leave, I'm gonna post a pic of me and my old church friends back in St. Peter's Church, KUNAK. (I know I've posted the photo in my other blog before, but since this is a free blog that was supposed to last for years - for my future generations to see. LOL - I am posting it once again over here)

Me, Norbert, Aswen & Carol

Oh how I miss them terribly! *boohoo* :(


  1. Hello Ethel, I love your blog, especially the 'landry' hanging up to dry, ha ha. Love your sense of humour too.

    And Ethel...your header says, "Plain Jane"?
    Ethel...allow me to say, if you hold a bouquet of 12 red roses in front of your mirror, you will see 13.
    Thank you for coming by my place, look forward to seeing you again, young lady...
    you stay gorgeous and have a great week, keep well, best regards, Lee.

  2. Why, hello uncle Lee! What a pleasure seeing you over here again. Thank you for dropping by and leaving me such kind comments. You actually made me float - well almost, LOL!

    I've added your blog link in mine coz I really like your blog. Right now, am reading your post on Why We Are What We Are. That must be really interesting! :D

  3. Hi Ethel, it is a real pleasure having you dropping by my blog, and I certainly appreciate your warm comments.
    As well feel thrilled you enjoy the songs I have selected, to match the postings as well, my ha ha, moods.
    But all strictly oldies.

    Ethel...if you got nothing better to do...
    check out the following stories in my archive....
    1/ A Betrayal of virtues, d/d 12/12/07.
    (One of 2 women who ever made me cry)

    2/ Among my many memories, d/d 12/20/07. My naughty days chasing after SYT's (sweet young things).

    3/ A Faded letter from the past, d/1/4/08.
    This is the longest story I have ever posted, total 19 episodes, at 2 episodes every few days, took 3 weeks to conclude.
    It would not do justice to the person in the story if I edit it to just a page, and because to me, it is one of the most beautiful experiences I ever experienced, I start from the beginning to conclusion.

    It is a love, romance between a beautiful matured lady and a man half her age....me.
    Hope you'll enjoy this story....

    And Ethel, I certainly would appreciate should you read any of the stories and wish to comment...I would look forward to your eloquent comment...please do so in my present post comment box, as otherwise I'll have to search for you, ha ha.
    Thank you Ethel....and that 12 Roses compliment to you....I mean it.
    You have a nice day Ethel. Best regards, Lee.

    ps, incase you wondering, I had a habit of noting down special experiences, events in my diaries and note books...since young days, and am glad I did not destroy them prior coming here.

    I brought about 25 diaries and note books, and except for my work experiences, all personal ahemmm, escapades, romances were noted in Aphanumeric code so nobody can read if lost, only me...can decipher the codes, ha ha.
    So what you read in my blog, are actual events, experiences...some names are actual, some not.

  4. Hi Ethel, I was selecting some songs to play and suddenly thought of you....so I have switched some songs around...the first 15 or so, specially for you.
    Just for your ezy listening....hope you enjoy them...

    Don't be surprised one of these days I dedicate a posting to you, ha ha with of course ahemmm, something *wink* red too,.....You have a nice day, Lee.

  5. Wow, I'm flattered! Dedicate a post for me that comes with red roses? Ehehehehe.. that would make me float waaaaaay up to heaven! :P

    Oh, you changed your song selection? I must go over and listen! THANK YOU for listing out posts that I shouldn't miss out. I will definitely check them out tonight! Right now, I gotta go out and help me dad.

    Looking forward to read those posts!