August 25, 2013

How I draw my illustrations

I'm feeling so down right now. Really, really down.. like I'm scrapping the floor. :( But I'm a firm believer in karma. Hari ini hari dia... Someday, karma will come biting back.


But as Matthew 5:39 said:

"But I say this to you: offer no resistance to the wicked. On the contrary, if anyone hits you on the right cheek, offer him the other as well."

I'm not gonna dwell on it. I'll surrender everything to The Lord and I offer all the pain and sufferings for all the souls in Purgatory.


Tonight, I'm going to talk about how I did all the illustrations that I posted in my blogs since I have often received emails, asking me how I did all the images I made on all the blogs of my customers. Hmmm.. I'm gonna explain it in the simplest way I can. :D

Let's start!

First, I'll sketch a rough image on either Illustrator or Photoshop. (but lately, I am using Illustrator more often - because I really like it!)


My gut tells me that you know what the sketch is about. Next, the fun part begins! I'll add colors into the sketch. Just like how'd you'd color a children's coloring book. :D

I'd normally start on the face.. because I like pretty things. So a woman, even in sketches.. have to have their pretty face first. :P

Now I'll continue coloring all over the sketch. Give her some cloth.. kasian juga dia telanjang nanti. Ha ha

Almost perfect now! Just need to add a little bit more colors here and there.

My Victorian woman is finally complete! Siap ada bunga lagi kan? 

So that's basically how I did my illustrations. Looks really easy, I know. Try drawing with a mouse like how I did. Heeeeee. Tunggu cukup duit baru beli high-tech punya tablet for drawing. But honestly? I used a Wacom tablet to draw many years ago but I find it easier to draw with a mouse. Maybe I'm just used to it.

Ohh by the way, if you'd like to have the Victorian woman image above, you can get her from my Etsy Store. Murah-murah saja bah. :D

PS: This post is dedicated to all the beautiful women out there, especially the beautiful Fay from Jesselton (my new blog friend and hopefully karaoke friend soon). ;-)


  1. Whoaaaaaaaa.. Thank you bebeh!!!
    It looks easy but somehow only can be done if the person is interested and secondly talented in drawing. My hands' talent is holding fork and spoon. Makan. Okay lets go kbox, frequent performance in the shower is way too boring hahaha hahaahaha

    1. LOL holding fork and spoon is my FIRST talent! I also makan saja tahu.. hence my body so cute now. Ha ha ha ha! Bah, ada masa nanti kita kbox la. :P

    2. I didn't expect that u use mouse to draw, I thought u use stylus haha.. campin oh @_@

  2. kalau art punya tangan mmg campen bh.. sa inda pandai melukis.. btw thanks

    1. Saya pun tidak berapa pandai melukis baini. :P