August 23, 2013

Pink homecoming dresses I like!

Many, many, many, maaaaany years ago (tho not that too many.. coz I am still very young :P) I was in love with this man whom I've always dreamed of going to the homecoming dance with. He was tall and handsome (sorry, Bunny if you're reading this. but you are ALWAYS the king in my heart! hee) and would make the perfect prom king with me, being the prom queen. But truth be told, we do not have homecoming dance party here in Malaysia. At least there's none in my high school. Sigh.

But for you lucky people in the States and Canada (and every country that has homecoming dance party)... YOU ARE ONE LUCKY BOY/GIRL! I wish we have it too back then.. then I could make use of my makeup skill and sense of fashion for good! Hee

And for you girls out there who's still struggling in getting that perfect homecoming dresses, here's goody two shoes Jane offering her good deed. :P I have specifically choose the color pink - because pink is my favorite. If you're a fan of pink too, then you're in for some eye-candy!

These are my favorite pink dresses, via DressFirst. Pretty kan?? Gives you the feeling that even if you aren't chosen as the homecoming queen of the night, you ARE already a queen with these dresses!

But if you're not a fan of pink, there are a variety and range of other colors you can choose from. And what's best is that they're currently having a sale of up to 60% discount for their dresses!! A steal, I'd say!

OK lah, I better stop typing and get the frozen fishes out of the fridge - in case Bunny doesn't wanna take me out for lunch coz I mentioned my ex in this post. :P

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Cantik cantjknya semua the dress wow..

  2. Ohhh so chantekkk!! I haven't wear any pink color dress for 2 or 3 years, most of the wedding party or gathering or night out had its own theme.

    1. Itu juga lah kan? Bah, next time kita buat gathering, buat lah pink theme! *hee*

    2. Ya, kita buat gathering + christmas, siok tu.. !!!

    3. Ngam tu! Sempat lagi I kuruskan badan before that. Ha ha ha