August 4, 2013

New Item in my Etsy Shop!


Just wanna tell you that I've added a new item in my Etsy shop today. Fresh from the oven urang bilang.. he he he.

Here's a link to: My Etsy Shop!


Because you've read it first from my blog (and because I am nice like that :P), I'm giving you one of the image from the Happy Kitchen collection for FREE! (as a tester or preview la ba jugak kan?)

You can get the free image from: HERE 

Hope you'll like the image (and probably buy my illustrations so I can feed my dog with proper food and buy him a new toy). He he he... That said, here's wishing you a Happy Kitchen and Happy Sunday!! :D 


  1. Your brain is too creative.. can I borrow for a week? When I return it to you, I'll make sure the stitches are perfectly fine hahahaha hahaha

    1. Can! Can! Am going off for a mini holiday with my family for the weekend. When I'm back, you can return it to me. LOL