August 13, 2013

Tote I want

Browsing through Zalora aimlessly when I chanced upon this beautiful bag..

Since my current daily bag is already heading towards her death, I am contemplating on getting this bag.

Should I? Should I not?

It's only RM110 ...

Maybe I should sleep on it tonight and see if I wake up tomorrow still thinking about it.

By the way, if you'd like to shop at Zalora and get a 15% discount, use this coupon code: ZBAP1gC at the checkout. Percayalah!

...Or maybe you'd like to include the tote above into your order and buy me one? Hee heeeee :P


  1. seriously ni tote ada d zalora? sa pun suka flower pattern o.. mcm cath kidston

    1. Kan? my first thought pun "Hey, it looked like Cath Kidston punya fabric pattern!".Bah, you also suka flower pattern kan? Apa lagi?? :D

  2. Cantik ni, I like it.. tapi after a year or two mcm jadi yellowish tu white part.. dont know la kalau jaga bagus2.

    1. Eh, betul jugak oh kan. Pandai jadi yellowish ni maybe..