July 22, 2013

My new notepad!

Made a personalized notepad for myself last night. Comes with my name and link at the bottom of the paper too - all 60 pages! :-)

I also made a personalized planner refill for my pink Organizer... but I can't show you yet coz it's not done. Still waiting for my 7-hole puncher from the States... :(

Do you like to personalize your stationery too?


  1. Amboiiiii.. you're so romantic even to yourself lol.. A real perfectionist! My notepad is made from recycle paper :)

    1. Yes, I think I am a romantic person even to myself.. ha ha ha! But as to being perfectionist, I think I am definitely one. Thanks to my OCD. :P

      My notepad is also made of recycled paper! Fax report my Bunny punya office. The backside of the paper can still be used, so I turned it into notepad. :D