July 21, 2013

Work hard, shop hard

I completed a blog design for Mell last week. She wanted something that looked bright with the combination of red, white and green.

This is what I did for her:

This is what she said when I sent her the template:



On another note, I am thinking of replacing the chair at my mini studio with a wicker chair. Something white, like this:

But the thing is, I'm not sure if any furniture shop in KK sells it individually. Because I only need one. I know a few furniture shops in Penampang sells wicker chair, but they come in set. With a coffee table....

Maybe pretty Ms. Fay knows where I can get one? :P

If you happen to live around KK or know where I can get just one wicker chair, please, please, please let me know. I'd love to get one for my mini studio! :D


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! Hou leng hou leng!!! I just visited your client's blog and tt's certainly heart warming.. You're so talented.

    Your chair is so beautiful and you wanna change it? I know where to get.. IKEA lololsss.. sini KK ada meh? Try karamunsing kompleks GF :D

    1. Waaaa don't remind me of IKEA! My old home studio was furnished with almost everything IKEA, including my pretty desk! Sekali kena transfer KK, I had sell and giveaway all of it! :(

      Hmm.. nanti I check Karamunsing sana. Wanna change my current one to white colored wicker chair. *hee*

    2. I almost forgot! There are few other furniture shops on the first floor of Karamunsing Kompleks (same row with The Lowe's), one of them is selling vintage furniture/customize furniture. But def can't beat IKEA :(

    3. Hmm.. I think I saw that one before? OK, thanks, will definitely check it out soon! :D