July 26, 2013

When strong mamas feel quite weak

Lucky is still unwell. His eyes started twitching yesterday.. and this morning, I noticed that his front limb began to tremble every now and then.


But I am not ready to give up yet. Just not now. I will continue to pray for his recovery. As God has said,

"And he told them [the parable of the persistent widow] to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.."
- Luke 18:1

So give up I will NOT. This mama is weak but she has to be strong for her fur-kids. That said, after a day of crying my heart out.. I received a beautiful surprise in the form of a parcel - came all the way from Australia - It's the pink scarf that I purchased last month!

Just look at that packing! Macam my style of packing oh kan? *hee* I guess great minds think alike! :P

And this is how the pink scarf looks like:

Pastel pink gauze-like scarf adorned with 3 little felt clouds. How cute is that??? :D And that's not all... wait for it..

Wait for it.

Err.. wait again.



(Excuse me for the puffy eyes. I've been crying since morning bah..)

The lady seller has also sent me another yellow scarf with cute little felt clouds FREE OF CHARGE!!!! :D God is really good, kan? When I'm sad, He gives me a reason to smile.

So here I am. All smiles with 2 new cute scarves in my hand. I have to find an excuse to wear them. Maybe go for a movie tomorrow. Mama needs to laugh out loud...


  1. Sad to hear that Lucky is still unwell :(
    Enjoy your new scarfs, chanteknyaaaa!!!
    Enjoy your movie ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you, moi.
      Yes, I am enjoying my new scarfs!
      Aku belum pigi tinguk wayang lagi... ha ha ha. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. p/s: rajin2 check mudah.my to find your new home :)
    I checked this morning and there are few landed property for rent in Penampang area.

    1. Oh ya bah kan, check at mudah.my
      Bah nanti I check sana selalu. :D Thanks!

  3. sweet ja pastel colours kann...