June 22, 2013

Blog Oh Mighty!

I think my blog has magic. A super power-like thingy that no one knows. Not even me. Because 3 days after posting about my ongoing period... it finally STOP! Yes, my period finally stopped today!!! Like, YAY! I'm not gonna die. I do not have to write my will. Best of all? I do not have to spend extra $$$ for the OBGYN!!

:D :D :D

So happy I am that I managed to finish up a design project for a client's Housewarming Party deco. Here's a sneak peek:

Again, my blog has super powers! :D


  1. yayyyy!!! So glad to hear that. Obygyn sgt mahal tau!! Btw, your design sangat cute!

    1. Ya bah, thank goodness it stopped! Jimat my $$$ - can buy more cute stuff. Ha ha ha. Thank you for the compliments juga. I like cute stuff, so I'm trying my best to design cute stuff for others as well so they can have cute stuff too. *hee*