June 9, 2013

More pink loot! Muahahaha!

Well I must be crazy today, because:

* I just purchased a pink top off the internet

* It is 1 size smaller than my current size (to motivate my weight loss journey)

* It is quite pricey (top was not THAT pricey but the shipping is!)

But you have to understand WHY I did it..


Pretty kan??? Tiada jual di Malaysia niiiii!! (mau kasi senang hati)

And if you're wondering where I got it, sorry ar.. not gonna tell. Ha ha ha


  1. It is pretty cute & I love pink as well. I wont ask--cos Iam top heavy and it would never fit me!

    1. I wish I'm top heavy! I am more on the bum heavy side.. lol

  2. I used to think it was crazy to buy clothes that weren't your size, but I have to admit I've done it.

    About a month ago I found some jeans at the Goodwill that were too small but I loved them sooooooo much I told myself I'd just have to lose a couple pounds. We'll see...............

    1. I've done it a lot of times (buying clothes that are 1 size smaller). In fact, I used to have a lot of clothes still intact with their tags but I never got to wear them. lol. I have since donated them to charity... However this one, I am dying to get myself inside! Hopefully this time it works. :)