June 23, 2013

Super Sunday

Did some shopping at Suria with my Bunny today till my feet hurts.. but at least I burnt A LOT of calories. Yay! Also, I managed to finally wrap the stuff that I have been planning on sending to a dear friend of mine in Seattle, USA. lol. Been wanting to mail them to her since like 2 weeks ago, but I didn't have the time to pack and go to the post office. Sibuk bah me. Maklumlah, businesswoman.. :P

And since I am soooooooooooo tired right now, I don't think I'll be able to do some blog hopping tonight. Will do that tomorrow instead.. coz right now, my feet are killing me! :(


  1. It's so beautiful.. I never seen such a nice packing before.. si boyfriendforever tu bagi hadiah manada bungkus2 LOL

    1. *hee* Thank you! I like to add a personal touch to my gifts, normally with a note and some deco as well.. dunno why, but I just like to do it. Wanna give a surprise kunun to the receiver bah. :P Anyway, akibat terlampau bergaya with the packing and box.. I end up bayar soooo expensive for the shipping! LOLOLOL Bankrupt aku. :(

      Hmm.. your BFF tidak bungkus-bungkus hadiah?? Same lah with mine. This one time, I found a gift on the bed. He actually just put the gift on the bed without any wrappings or such. Ha ha ha

    2. Mmmg mahal tu postage fee pigi US. Ko tau sa htr can food pigi Brisbane, mahal lagi tu postage fee daripada tu can food hahahahaha I'm not gonna send again, nti dia balik KK sa kasi present lah can food satu kotak suruh dia bawa pigi OZ, bekalan utk satu tahun.. LOLOLOL!!!!

    3. Yang I remember, few years ago, I used to send food stuff (berat-berat lagi tu) to a friend in Sweden.. but it didn't cost me as much. This one? The postage cost twice the price of the stuff I sent! LOL