June 8, 2013

Guess who just lost some weight?


So I woke up this morning, go pee-pee (hey, those pee-pee might add into the weight tau!) and went straight to the weighing scale, and ....wala!! I'm down 1.3kg!

A freaking total of 1.3kg!!!!

I know it's a small number for most of you, but to lose 1.3kg in a span of 6 days is awesome enough for me! So calorie counting DOES work! :D :D :D

Not gonna post a 'before' 'after' pic just yet. The weight loss was so tiny, it doesn't show yet. But I put on a jeans this afternoon (mau keluar lunch bah) and Bunny was like, "Wah, ada orang pakai jeans!" (You see, since moving back to Sabah, I've never wore any jeans because the weather was SO HOT... also, my jeans a bit sempit already la for my big thigh). But, yeah, I wore a jeans today and Bunny noticed it. I can finally fit comfortably into my old jeans!

But then... reality hit. The moment we head for the door (and out of the comfort of air-cond), the hot weather striked and I stopped walking. Instead, I head for my bedroom and changed to a mini skirt. LOL. You'd be crazy to wanna wear a jeans in KK!

Anyway, I lost weight! That's the most important thing! Ha ha!!

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