June 6, 2013

How to save a life

Yesterday, we found a stray puppy at the back of a restaurant where we used to go for breakfast.

As you can see, there's a large wound on the back of the leg - which appears to be a slash wound from a sharp object. Like a machete. :(

And so we kept the puppy in a box, feed and nurse the wound (using iodine and some bandage). We also puffed some Agnesia powder all over the puppy, since the wound has started to smell from the infection.

Today, we took the puppy to Sabah Animal Medical Centre (SAMC) and was told by the vet that the nerve on the leg has been severely wounded. When the vet poked the wounded leg, the puppy doesn't seem to react to it - which only proved that the leg is 'dead'.

"The leg has to be amputated..", said the vet.

I instantly reacted (trying hard not to cry) by saying, "but how will the puppy live??"

"Okay bah. Saya pun ada 2 ekor kucing berkaki 3 di rumah. Kuat melompat-lompat lagi." (Translation: "It's ok. I have 2 cats at home who has only 3 legs. They're so active and love to jump around.")

To make story short, we paid for the medical bills despite not having much money left... but if it's to save a life, we don't mind the sacrifice...

The puppy's at the vet tonight. We'll go visit him tomorrow after his surgery. I pray that he'll be ok..


  1. Hello CJane!
    Andui bah. kesian the puppy. How's the progress now?

    1. Hi Joan!
      Just took the puppy home today from SAMC. Currently nursing him till his next appointment - buka jahitan. Then the puppy goes to his new home: my cousin's place. :)