June 27, 2013

Busy Bee

Gahhh.. so many things to do, so little time. But BUSY is good for my pocket! :D

Was at Suria again yesterday with my parents and sister. And Bunny too. Baby sis is going back to Kuching so we were out to get some stuff for her: pants and other daily stuff ..but she ended up buying other things instead. -_- As for me, I only bought a pastel pink nail polish and a tape (for my mini studio).  And ohhhhh... mom got me some office supplies as an early birthday gift! Ha ha ha. Ohhhh I really love those supplies. Nantilah I take pictures, coz right now, I'm just too lazy to get my camera out and take photos.

Just finished working on a Wedding Banner design, gonna get them printed later. Here's a sneak peek:

Since my baby sis is going back tomorrow, I'm thinking of taking my family for steamboat tonight. Or should I cook? But I'm too lazy lah. Going off to Karamunsing in a few hours time to get some supplies for my next project some more...

Aaaaaaaaaaa how la?! How la?! I need some time for my Farmville2 and TV Drama too! :~(


  1. Lemme tell you.. next time when you have a kid, your TV will never ON hahahahaahaha How laaaa?

    1. Hahahaha... even now pun my TV hardly turned on. Sigh..