October 4, 2007

Another One Bites To Dust

My brother didn't quite like the design I made for him.. well, he didn't exactly said he "didn't like it". He said the design was WHOAA and cool - but it doesn't suit him. Because he said the design would make him look like a Guitar God - which he's not (according to him). (But I still think he's very talented with his guitar!!!)

Well... I can't force him to use the design, even tho I feel quite sad that he wouldn't be using it. I spent the whole night designing it yesterday.. :(

But then again, it's his blog. I can't make him use a design that he don't want. :P

Here's what the design looked like. Still in a rough design.

Guess I'll stop working on it now and start thinking of another design that will suit him best. :)


  1. i like it. totally off subject but i love the cartoony look you do.

  2. Thank you. I kinda like it too. :D