October 25, 2007

Running out of time..

Gawd, it's October 25th already. Exactly 2 months before Christmas...and I am still FAT.

2 years of not being back in the town where my parents currently resides.

2 years of not showing myself to the townsfolks.

2 years of fat piling in my body.

I was a skinny, popular girl before I left that town!!!

Time to Yahoo! (I hardly use Google) "how to lose weight in 1 month".


  1. Kasi share la the tip... I also want to lose some lemak:). Wish I cud just potong the spare tyres and cook them or something!

  2. No need to yahoo it. I give you tip now. NO cupcakes. NO donuts, NO cakes of any sort and you'll be skinny in no time .... LOL!

  3. Nessa: Dunno what to share to you. I myself am looking for a way to slim down ni. Hahaha!

    Nick: Now that is total suffering!! No cupcakes?? *sob*