October 22, 2007

Feeling Slightly Better

I'm feeling a bit better today.. still having running nose and slight fever tho. Cough is still there too.. but at least I'm out of the bed already. :-)

I also managed to vacuum my bedroom and mop the floor a bit. It's getting kinda messy already. I burned some fragrant candles too - but I hardly can smell anything with this blocked nose!

Oh by the way, my blog Foreign Beauty was featured as Blog of The Day in PPP today. Hahahaha! I didn't know it until I logged to my blog this afternoon and I saw messages left by Nessa & Ann on my comment box. A few kind people left some messages congratulating me on my Shoutbox too! LOL! Such sweet people in the world of blogging... who knew you can make "friends" through blogging, ey? :-)

Anyway, I gotta stop here. I need to change a new tissue to shove up my nose. The ones I currently have are already "overflowing" with "stuff". Hahaha!


  1. Ugghhh, the dreaded flu, cold, fever, running nose, cough thingy. It weighs you down. Glad you're feeling better.