October 17, 2007

Pink October Blogger Theme Ver.2

Version 2 of my previous Pink October theme. Added a background (customizable background) and changed the header a bit.

  • 2 columns
  • For Blogger/Blogspot user only
  • Works on both IE and Firefox
The Pink October Ver.2 blogger theme can be downloaded from HERE.



  1. very cute!! i love the color pink in general so i love this one.

    hey do you know where i could find a cute marilyn monroe theme/layout for blogger?? i love my theme now but im insanely obsessed with marilyn monroe and would love a blog theme of her...so if you know where i can find one that would be swell. thanks.

  2. Marilyn Monroe? Hmm.. I'm not really sure. But I'll let ya know if I found one! :-)