October 26, 2007


The card reader on my Notebook is acting up again. Eeeee.. so irritating! And at the same time, I'm angry at myself too. This is like.. I dunno, maybe like the 6th time I told myself that I am going to buy an external card reader yet I still haven't! I think I should write it on my palm so I'll remember to buy one the next time I hit a computer shop. :-P

Anyway, had some chat with an old classmate of mine on IM the other day. We talked about our old friends, gossiped about our old classmates and made fun of each other's hairstyle during those days. LOL!

I also got him to scan an old photo of us, class of form 4 Science. See if you can find me. :-P
(which is TOO obvious, btw)

Oh my God! Our hairstyles back then. What was I thinking?? HAHAHAHAHA! A "mini fringe"?! HAHAHAHAHA!

I wish I could remember all their names in the photo. Wait till I get back to my parents' place. I think I've written down their names at the back of my copy back home.


  1. I couldn't tell which one you were but then I realized there's only one girl without tudung. You looked so cute... form 4? More like primary 6 to me! LOL

  2. cindy...ur not alone. 'mini fringe' or kalu kami pnya term 'alang-alang fringe' femes in our school juga. Mau kasi fringe but didnt dare to chop them off. Hence, alang-alang fringe...LOL.