October 18, 2007

Not So Well

Gawd, I hate being a woman!

OK, not all the time but during THIS time of the month. I was trying to enjoy my dinner when I had this sudden pain in my stomach. I thought it was another gastric attack (as usual) until I reached home when I saw this "stain" on my panty. Grrrrr!!!! I don't know why but I am EXTREMELY irritated and agitated when I saw that!

Gosh.. I hate having my period. It's so annoying!!!! Why do us women had to endure all this?! And worse, why do I have to endure SO MUCH PAIN whenever I'm having it?



  1. I become a monster every time my period comes... paling uncomfortable taim tidur.

    Nasib baik I don't get those pain anymore, noloing nodi motu ti:B

  2. Yeah, really uncomfortable at night! Lucky you for not having all those pains. :*(