October 2, 2007

My Desktop

I got tagged by PapaJoneh and Laane on what my Desktop looked like.

Well, here's how my wallpaper looks like in my Notebook currently:

What do you think, sexy eh? :P

And now I'm supposed to Tag 5 other person - but I'm gonna skip that part. Unless you wanna show me your wallpaper, then by all means do it! :D


  1. thanks for the comment. and i love your desktop. where did you get it?

  2. wahhh...ive find my way here!

    cantik oh ur wallpaper...grrrr...:)

  3. holly ann: Hi holly. Nice to see you over here! The desktop is an illustration I got from a friend. :D

    carolchs : Oh my! How did you find your way here?! LOL!! Welcome!! :P