October 15, 2007

I Love My New Table Lamp!

Gosh, I just can't stop talking about my new table lamp! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! After browsing tons of beautiful pink lamps on eBay, I finally decided to buy one locally. So I got one from Lovely Lace.

Cheap only... RM129.90. Hehehhe.. 10% discounts too.

My travel companion, "Mr. Dodot" just had to be in the picture! :-P

Details of the lamp. It's lacy!! :D

Well ok, enough bragging. Time to go to bed. And oh, maybe I would spend some time turning on and off the lamp before going to bed. :-P


  1. Jan telampau on and off... nanti bulb di sot!! hehe

    Enjoy your lovely lamp... cantek sekali:)

  2. very lovely lamp u have! ya, i like those old victorian/english stuffs too. i also like ur header design. cantik bah. :D

  3. Oohh Nessa, you found me! Pandai ko ah. *heehee* Cannot help bah, mesti on and off until boring. :-P

    Hello there Vivien-ethel. Nice name. Thank you for the compliment on my header. I'm trying to get the most simple design I could think of, hence that header came to mind. :-D